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Thread: Physics improvements?

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    Default Physics improvements?

    Since I've been away for a bit, I am curious if anyone has tried to increase the realism of the physics for NA trains. I did a quick search here and didnt find much...

    Last I was aware, these were the glaring errors - have any been 'fixed?':

    -Dynamic Brakes scaling way off causing them to be way too effective
    -Air Brakes unrealistic in operation (diesel)
    -I remember something about the relationships between power, adhesion, friction and momentum being off which made it tough to accurately scale forces - such as brakes, traction.

    I'm pretty sure Railsimulator has done nothing to fix these, cause my RailWorks program hasnt been auto-updated. Has anyone else figured anything out?

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    As far as I know nothing has been done. If there are any 3rd party fixes, I havnt heard about or seen any.

    The dynamic brakes are WAY to effective. I havnt really noticed a problem with the air brakes, but then again I have never driven a train so dont really know what to expect anyway.

    They also need to fix the sanders. Turnning sanding on only seems to effect the lead unit, and the other units just keep spinning their wheels. Also make the button a On/Off, instead of having to hold it down the entire time you need sand.

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