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Thread: Route Texturing

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSDLadam View Post
    Out of curiosity, is there anything could ever do that would help users grow out of the desire to manually edit code in exported files? Hacking code between files is just so MSTS in my view.
    The Asset/Blueprint editor is not the most user friendly piece of software I have ever used despite it has improved since the original version for RS. The Blueprint editor is little more than a not very user friendly .xml editor...

    If you want to do a batch find/replace of something it is still easier using a text editor such as notepad++. AFAIK the Asset editer has no find and replace function?

    If you want to make a copy and edit some of the default files such as a repaint the official tools allow no way for this to be done as the textures skins have never officially been released however RW don't seem to mind repaints of everything being done...

    Perhaps provide a make repaint function in the Asset editor which will automatically create all the files needed and give you a few .bmps which you can edit without using RW/RS_Tools...

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    Would still like to know what happened to the idea of a combined texture set in RW which I understood was the developer's original intent? The fact that well over two years into the life of RS/RW we have still not seen much in the way of replacement texture sets seems to indicate how hard it is to make and configure these. At the very least, having the UK and US sets put into one would increase the variety of default terrain available to a route builder. Many routes (e.g. the NZ one I'm currently doing in TRS) start off in temperate areas but move into more arid country later on in the journey.

    Still doesn't change the fact we need loads more textures including some to give more subtle transitions than the current stark green to dry grass plus of course more varieties of rock and scrub that isn't desert based. If the community are unable or unwilling to do these, then perhaps as a gesture of goodwill could have a look?

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    We do not plan on making new terrain textures or setups unless it is part of a route we are developing.
    The plan is to release the terrain texture source files so users can make their own setups and or make slight variations if they want.
    This will be part of the dev page we are setting up from our Website.



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    Ah, good idea. Keeps customer away from messing with XML files while providing an orderly method for "adjusting" the simulation(game?)
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