I recently updated my 3D Canvas software to version 8.1.3, which has all the latest gadgets for exporting to Railworks. I installed it just about the same time as the previous Railworks update last week. I got it installed, but when starting it up I got a Windows Error #372, which said that one of the .ocx files was the wrong date. Amabalis did a good job of evaluating this but between the 2 of us and endless evaluations and tests, installs, uninstalls, etc., we could not find the cause. All files were up to date.

Lo and behold, Steam passed down the 104.5b update last night, and on a hunch I tried to fire up 3D Canvas, and it loaded perfectly this time. I had previously been using 3DC version 8.1.0 and it worked perfectly for me. After the earlier RW update it stopped working also. So it seems that something in the earlier RW update caused a conflict of some kind with 3D Canvas on my machine. Whatever they fixed in their 104.5b patch, also fixed the problem with 3D Canvas. I don't know if anyone else had this same problem, but at least this one instance will be in the forum library for reference should something similar occur to someone in the future.