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Thread: Swapping Cabviews and Loco Sounds

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    Default Swapping Cabviews and Loco Sounds

    Hi All -

    I am new to the forums, but not to MSTS. Just recently, I starting dabbing into the "harder" do-it-yourself stuff. I have downloaded freeware, payware, and created some activities (the easy stuff), but now I am looking into some file changing, and I have a question I was hoping to get a little help on. I would like to change out the cabview and sounds for a particular locomotive with another locomotive I have in the system. The specifics are this: I have the CSX SD70MAC pack from Streamlines as well as the freeware Conrail SD80MAC. I would like to remove the default Dash 9 Cabview and the default GP38 sounds from the SD80 and replace it with the cab and sounds from the 70MAC. I tried just copying the respective folders from the SD70 folder and pasting them in the SD80 folder, but when I try to open MSTS and load an 80MAC lead train, I get an error stating "Failed to create Cabview." Any help would be greatly appreicated (if not to difficult to explain here). Also, how difficult is it to create AI Locomotives (such as with this same 80MAC).

    Thanks in advance and happy railroading!!!


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    There's a HOW TO article on this site
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    Hi Mike,Welcome.Try these as well.
    and this is what you need to make A1 locos just make sure you
    read the manual.


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