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Thread: "Loose" Consist

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    Default Loose Consists - They suck up Memory Big Time

    Quote Originally Posted by UPAmtrak1 View Post
    What's happening is that while the activity loads up, it suddenly crashes. I have ran the Activity Start Check. As for memory, I would be surprised on the computer I'm running. But what would be the max limit?
    To add to what Neil said; When I first got MSTS and got to making my own activity on the default Settle &Carlisle route, I placed loose consists on every siding and platform at the Carlisle end of the route.
    Starting the Sim brough my computer to it's knees, exactly as you have experienced.
    It wont fly pal. Your computer, even it's a high end machine simply cannot handle the load of lots of eye candy equipment parked on sidings.
    Here's why.
    When an activity starts the Sim gathers a list of needed equipment needed to run the activity, including all the loose consists.
    It loads up ALL the engine and wagon files, ALL the consists shape files AND all the sound files that these loose consists have. And they do have a LOT of files that are loaded and that my friend will overload your system

    You want eye candy then do as others have suggested in this thread. A MUCH better way to populate yards is the use a really neat download from the File Library called Car Strings. These are strings of low poly freight cars of various livery; West box string (UP ATSF BN ect.) East Box string (EL, PRR, PC, Redding, ect) Hopper Strings, CNJ Coal strings (loaded and empty) and so on. They look really good when you use them to fill up a yard and a 50 car string of loaded coal consists in memory of only one WAGon file and no sound files! After all, why would you need sound files for a string of coal cars thats not going to move?

    Try this; In your activity place only consists in the area where your activity starts, in a yard say. Load it up! Run the activity and watch it crash the system. Now remove half of whet you placed. Try it again.
    When you get to the amount of loose consists that allow your activity to run then you have found YOUR limit for YOUR machine! Easy huh?

    There is NO hard and fast "rule" on how many loode consists YOU can use. It depende on how many super detailed models are in the consists and how much memory your system has, speed of processor ect. Many factors, all different on each different system.

    Be sure you ave the official MSTS updates installed as well as the MSTS Bin Patch. The Bin patch greatly improves memory managment and is REQUIRED for most of the newer engine add-on's in the past two years. It improves almost EVERYTHING about running the Sim, unlocking many features that were never released by M$ because the product was rushed out the door in 2001. It also ADD's features that were never thought of at release time. Like you can switch between engine cabs coupled to your train. Neat stuff.

    You also need to visit the File Library and download two really vital diagnostic utilities that will help you keep your MSTS installation running smoothly.
    They are Route Control Lite and Route_Riter.

    Route Control Lite is an easy-to-use utility that checks your activities and stock for missing items. It produces an HTML formatted report that is easy to understand and can be printed out.
    Route_Riter and it's seperate download Help Files Is a VERY powerful utility that can diagnose and correct problems with stock AND routes.
    The route test/fix part is primarly used by those as myself who build routes.
    The Stock tests/fixers is used to fix the MANY errors in the stock contained in the file library.

    You see, the File Library content (all of it!) IS NOT TESTED for FUNCTIONALITY [emphasis added]
    It's scanned for virus infection and that all! Now seeing as how much of the library content is uploaded by modellers NOT folks who 'know' how to code an engine or wagon file you can see how there will some library content can possibly cause the Sim to crash. There are still pepole today that up-load content with the same wagon file errors that M$ distributed in 2001!
    Route_Riter is very good at fixing errors like this, errors that cause coupler to break, errors that cause derailments and so on.
    A word of caution about Route_Riter; It is a very powerful utility and as such, a user had better 'know' what he is doing when running it. The RR HELP FILES are a seperate download. DO NOT attempt to fool around with RR without reading AND understanding the help files.

    Would you play with matches in a room full of gunpowder and gasoline? Probably not. Same deal with RR; Fooling with this utility would be like that.
    Welcome and have Fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UPAmtrak1 View Post
    It closes when the bar is a 1/3rd of the way loaded.
    That is when it is starting to load loose consists, with related textures and sounds. Means either too many, or something has a serious problem.

    The Test Activity in the RE only tests for function, will this run with these consists placed where they are? No conflicts with other things in the route or paths in the activity gets the green light. No stock is tested to see if it is fit to run.
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    Thanks for the help guys. I made another activity with less loose consist and AI Traffic on a different route, works great. Using your advice, I will try those things.

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