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Thread: Coming soon from Broadway Limited Locomotive Works...

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    Default Coming soon from Broadway Limited Locomotive Works...

    Thought I'd share some previews of what's coming soon from Broadway Limited Locomotive Works.

    For those who love eastern railroading, we've got the perfect add on coming to supplement your need for ways to transport your piles of "black diamonds" (coal) or even iron ore from your mines to power plants, steel mills, coal dealers, and even to docks for export...

    Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to display these images of the new Pennsylvania Railroad "H21a" 70 ton capacity, four bay coal hopper.

    A Norfolk and Western Coal Drag blasts past a small cabin somewhere along the Coal Fork River

    Hoppers rattle past, bound for Steel Mills, Coal Dealers, and Export piers

    Another Coal drag winding through a valley almost perfect for a Griff teller Painting

    In a later time, Penn Central and other foreign road cars abound

    Here we get a front row seat as the Rascal Shifter handles loading chores at Rascal #1 tipple.

    Features include: Accurate loads and brake details, operating coal or iron ore load, functioning doors, highly accurate artwork, complete PDF guide, and numerous available bonus cars. All coming soon from Broadway Limited Locomotive works.
    Thomas J Pearce

    Broadway Limited Locomotive Works
    Come see our Railworks rolling stock

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    Nice! Great work on these.

    Like us on Facebook BN Productions and on youtube to see train simulator videos.

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