I am currently working on a new engine for RW, an ALCO switcher, which I want to publish as freeware. Editing all the BIN, dcsv and script files I tried to add as much prototypical data as I could, editing speed, power, tractive effort, brakes -- some values taken directly from the state of the art MSTS realism patches. All in all, however, there's no denying that I do not have a clue what I am really doing there.

Is there someone here who knows a bit about the actual physics (and the 'feel') of real world diesel engines, and who could help transfer this into the Railworks bin, dcsv, and whatnot files? I would be happy if I could the send alpha version of the engine (which already runs flawlessly!) to somebody, aiming for the classic MSTS trademark "as real as it gets".

I would really appreciate your help, please email or PM me if you would like to hear more.

Thank you!