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    Default Reinstall problems

    Recently had to reinstall my MSTS from original disks. Afterward, default routes will open and play as well as open with RE and AE. However, none of my own route or activities nor any downloaded routes will either play or open within RE and AE.

    Non default routes go are listed in the play screen and appear to load completely to 'Initializing & Loading Complete' message and then crash with a prompt to send report to MS. Report lists dwmdrivers.dat and dxdiag.txt. Latter file does not indicate any problems.

    Used Route Control Lite which only 'saw' default routes.

    Any ideas?

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    If you did an uninstall, then reinstall back into the same folders you will have lost quite a few files from your addons. The MSTS uninstall has a habit of removing all of the default which it is supposed to do, and also latches on to one or two file types in the whole folder structure, removing those as well.

    It is rather strange that you can open and almost run addon routes, yet RCLite cannot see them. For MSTS to see a route in the selection screen it must have a trk file and at least one drivable path. RCLite uses the trk file as well. My suggestion is to reinstall one of the problem routes and see if it works. While you are at it, you can have a look and see if your added stock has eng or wag files as appropriate.
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    Smile reinstall problems

    Thanks guys. I tried loading my smallest addon route and it worked fine. Realized it used only default stock. The uninstall, I did, grabbed quite a few pieces of stock, consists, paths etc. Back up and running. Phew!
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