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Thread: MacroWorks II ID 53 key strokes

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    Question MacroWorks II ID 53 key strokes

    I am trying to get Head out window{Shift 2} and move coupler view 1 wagon fwd/back {Ctrl + up/down arrow} to work in Railworks on Win7 Ultimate 64bit.

    All other blue keys work fine except these 2, they just zoom in or out when you add them in the same way as the others.

    Hoping someone can give me the right macro to type in to get these last 2 keystokes to work on the blue buttons.
    Or how to manipulate the ID 53 file in Notepad to get them to work.

    Is it:

    and for moving the coupling view 1 wagon:
    {Ctrl + up}

    Thanks for any help.

    Raildriver works fine out the box with Win7 64bit Trainz 2010( using Trainz 2009 software, cant add F keys to blue buttons so just added them to another joystick's bottons) and Railworks except these 2 buttons, great product, could never go back to keybaord( except for Shift 2 and Ctrl up/down arrow) Would hate to have to reinstall XP just to get these 2 working.

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    Hey troppo1, did you ever get this all resolved? I play Railworks on Windows 7 64-bit and I have a Raildriver already on order. If necessary, I can switch to XP or W7 32bit to run the Raildriver properly, but if you ever managed to get the RD working 100% in 64-bit Windows, I'd like to hear what you had to do so I can be prepared to get it rolling myself when the device arrives.


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