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Thread: List of Trainz Add On sites

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    Post List of Trainz Add On sites

    Trainz Add-on Sites

    Major Databases

    The Auran Download Station (DLS)
    First Class Ticket required for older versions of Trainz.

    Trainz Luvr (various) Home of the N&W 0-8-0T & SuperTrain (to mention a few)

    By Country:

    American Models


    Todd Hohlenkamp (prowler901)
    Home of the D&RGW K-28s, K-27s, K-36s, C-16s, C-19s and More!

    Ben Neal (bdaneal)
    Home of Strasburg #90, B&O 98, V&T Inyo, Gold Spikeset, N&W 4-8-4 #600 and Much Much More!

    Slugsmasher Home of Westside Shay 12

    Colorado 71 Trainz
    Home of the Strasburg Railroad coaches, D&RGW C-class 2-8-0s, Nickle Plate Berkshires, and more

    Trainz Commuter Rail
    Home of the Valley Railroad and the Strasburg Railorad routes and more

    Carson Car Shops
    Home of the V&T

    Peter's Trainz
    Home of N&W 611 and Southern 4501

    K & L Trainz NEW!
    Home of the PRR K4s locomotives and the PRR A5s

    East Coast Trainz
    The sites appears to be having technical difficulties

    Trainz Pennsylvania, Freeware and Payware content for Eastern Railroads

    Home of P42s, SD70s, and various other locomotives, cars, routes, and structures.

    Virtual Motive Division

    West Coast Trains and Planes, sporbust

    FWH Team Productions, Many different locomotive horns and enginesounds

    Home of the Clovis Sub and Other routes

    HP Trainz
    Home of the Marias Pass route (English link)

    Trainz Pro Routes
    Home of Tehachapi Pass
    Trainz Pro Routes Download Depot

    Trainzone (sirgibby)
    Home of Murchison Logging

    US Locomotive Works (various makers)
    Home of the CN 2-8-2 3254

    Yukon Zoom (robin_hoods)
    Home of the F59-PHI

    Trainz WDW Monorail
    Home of the Monorails for Trainz

    Disney Monorail project

    Pro Trainz

    Jointed Rail (norfolksouther37 & various)


    Pikka Rail
    Home of the Turbo Train

    Steam Trainz (Various) Has a Forum

    World of Trainz

    North American Trainz

    The Erecting Hall

    Shagster's Trainz Depot

    The Cowboy's Old West Works (thecowboy)
    Home of the UP 4-12-2 Steamers

    30ng Trainz, The Two and a half Men

    Parrot Railroad Workshop

    BVE and Trainz in Benland (trainut)
    Home of the Viewliner Sleeper

    The DS&RRW (S&RRW) website.
    Home of Dragon Pass Rail. Home page:
    Download page:

    Trunda's trees,1

    AC Monkey Wrench Models (tmz06003)
    Home of much freeware content and a payware C&O 2-6-6-6 Allegheny

    Paulz Trainz
    Home of various payware steam locomotives, including a Union Pacific Challenger

    British (UK) Models

    Paulz Trainz

    Medway Valley Trainz

    Glenns Trainz

    Trainz Objects

    Sodor Island 3D
    Home of Thomas the Tank Engine Models

    Pikka Rail
    Home of the Class 37s and Jinty 3F

    UK Branch Lines (magandy)
    Home of the 51xx, City of Trurro, GWR King class and much much more, too much to list here.


    The White Pebble Rapids Rail Road project, Narrow gauge Trainz railroad in Ontario, Canada.


    HP Trainz:


    Australian Models

    Razorback Railways

    Ian's Trainz (vulcan)
    Home of Driveable Ships.

    Pikka Rail
    Home of the Class 1460s and 1502s

    Paulz Trainz

    Trainzone (sirgibby)
    Home of Murchison Logging

    New Zealand

    Paulz Trainz

    Trainzone (sirgibby)
    Home of Murchison Logging

    Italian Models

    Trainz Italia

    French Models

    JM Trainz

    Spanish Models

    Tren Sim

    Czech Models

    Smejkiho vlacky (I recomend using google translate) Steam-to-present era passenger equipment

    trainz CSU (foreign language, unable to be sure of name) requires a membership to download, also has a forum


    "O" Railroad Inc.


    Paulz Trainz

    Files, Programs, and Tutorials

    Niffi's content
    Please Note; My Anti Virus software had an objection to a couple of ads the site was using at one time, Caution is advised.

    PEVSoft Freeware Downloads Various Utilities

    Reskinning Tutorial

    Track Work Tutorial

    The "Guides" Section of this site has numerous Guides available for Download

    Special Thanks To The Contributors:
    The following folks have helped make this list what it is:

    Obo's Trainz catalog

    Comments and thoughts are welcome but may be moved to the "Fluff!" thread found here to ensure that the list is always easily accessible, If you have a link to contribute; post it in this thread. Should a link in this list cease functioning, I may be unaware of it; please feel free to report it by posting about it here. This post is more of a side project, but I will continue maintaining it. Keep coming back often because when I update the list; it doesn't show up even if you're subscribed to this thread. When you see my "Reason for Editing" says "New Link!", "Link Added" or "Adding link" it means that there is a new link in the list. Folks who provide links or make good suggestions on how to improve this list will be named in the "Special Thanks" section as a token of gratitude.
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    Default Utilities and tutorials

    Didn't mean to imply this thread was locked, just keep it limited to links so nobody has to wade thru fluff, see the "fluff" thread ;

    to make comments, use this one for new links.
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    Here The S&RRW Web Site No loner Exists

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordofdragons View Post
    Thanks, I was beggining to wonder if anyone was even looking at this list anymore.

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    Biggest links collection here :


    Over 150 links from all over the world !

    Updated daily

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    I just want to say that they closed one of the add-on sites,

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    Hey, just to tell you guys that sporbust is back up, just looked tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhawk88 View Post
    Hey, just to tell you guys that sporbust is back up, just looked tonight.
    Thank you very much! I've re-instated the link to sporbust.

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    East Coast Trainz has Changed too. New site:

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    its down again, i just checked

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