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Thread: Bala Sub Northbound Priority

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    Default Bala Sub Northbound Priority

    I have a problem with the above route, approaching mileage 24 I get a red signal to stop which I did as there is another train facing me on the main line southbound, but that was it, I could go no further, I inched forward and back ward but nothing moved and I was not given permissiion to pass the signal.

    Any body have any ideas as to why this happened?, any help would be appreciated, thank you

    Bill Webb

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    Hi! I believe it is called a "Mexican Standoff" The only thing I remember as a fix is to run the activity at a different speed to allow the activity to work properly. Cheers; Chuck F.
    Cheers; Chuck F.

    "the people keep coming but the train has gone"

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    You could check over at MopHouse for some suggestions. Evidently this particular activity is very time sensitive. I and others have had troubles with it, all boiling down to timing. The concensus there feels that it is timing. Try running just a bit off the pace when approching this meet so to let the AI take the siding/main, I haven't run this one in a while, when the timing is right you can pass properly and carry on. There does not seem to be any other issue with this activity.

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