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Thread: Creating a Route Template

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    Default Creating a Route Template

    Am I ever having trouble getting my template in game...

    I have followed a couple tutorials and I think I screwed something up lol....

    There is no longer a "Default" template anymore...

    What the eff did I do..

    1. Made My own source folder it contains terrains textures, the sky all that stuff

    2. There is also my developer folder under the "Assets" folder which has my junk in it but I still can't get it to go ingame...

    This is quite hard lol

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    Muahahaha I have figured it out. For some reason I had everything as a .bin file

    freakin genius.

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    OK I guess I got my hopes up...well I got my route and terrain into Railworks but cannot see any of the paint textures for the ground...(eg. Rock/Rockface)

    I can place track and trains that I have selected under the slide out object filter. I have my FourTwoZero developer folder selected...

    I just can't get any of the paint textures that I have with my route...

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    It should look something like this.

    Developer should be Kuju, and the rest are RailSimulator and RailSimulatorCore.
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    Sweeet Thats uh much more helpful

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