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Thread: SP Detector Sounds

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    Default SP Detector Sounds

    Using some recordings my dad got of SP detectors on the Sunset route in the early 90's, I have been able to make some of my own for MSTS. I hope to include some in my Cascade Line upgrade.

    I took snippets of all numbers and phrases, and used them to piece together some. Here is an example of one near Springfield, Oregon. It is a type "E" as defined by my SP timetable, so it says both milepost and speed.

    I determined a good speed for it to be by having it say 2 MPH under the limit.

    I am considering uploading a SP Detector pack to the library here, with which you would be able to make SP detectors for any mileposts and speed. Would any be interested in it? It would be ready in a couple days.
    ~Sean Kelly~

    MRL Mullan Pass for ORTS

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    I'm interested actually. When will it be out?
    Sorry it is months late...

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