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Thread: Screenshots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haverfordwest View Post
    I don't think they did much racing, Harold.

    I doubt the quality of the track laying was up to it buddy.

    As far as i know most track out in the sticks, was laid sleepers straight on the ground.
    Track gangs had pride in their work and "yahoo" railroading is a misconception of early railroading.

    The track was usually top notch and high speeds were common.

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    Strange that considering nearly every photo of railroads in the era your screenie depicts.

    Shows the track bed laid straight onto the ground, particularly the further west they went.

    Including a lot of the transcontinental west of Chicago.
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    It's the alignment that allows speed. It was common at the first to use dirt ballast with a "crown" to help with drainage. (The "crown" being a practice that was eventually phased out on account of its tendency to break ties, i.e. "sleepers".) Bear in mind the engines and equipment of the day were quite lightweight, comparatively speaking.

    By "racing", that would mean upwards of 30 MPH... not the speeds that we see possible in today's railroading. However, even 30 MPH would be "racing" compared to what a horse, or horse and wagon, could attain, and most importantly, sustain, to cross such vastness.

    "Racing" is a relative term.

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    Hello Harold,

    I have seen your screenshots and the places looks very realistic... I am doing a route from Mexico using Google maps to provide the most realism possible...

    I notice you are using a very impressive vegetation (weeds) next to the tracks... Is it possible that you can share this shapes (weeds) to add more realism to my route I will really appreciate!???

    Thanks and regards,

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