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Thread: Jumping HUD in MSTS

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    Default Jumping HUD in MSTS

    Raildriver for MSTS uses the F5 HUD to read what's happening in MSTS. Press the F5 key once;

    And you get the simple HUD in the upper right corner. Second press;

    A more complex HUD.

    Third press turned the HUD off before BIN, with MSTS BIN the third press instead takes you to a debug HUD;

    That one will not work with Raildriver since Raildriver is looking for the red text in the upper right corner.

    Some routes people have reported the RD Run/Stop going crazy and switching HUD modes rapidly. Why it does that, it's trying to find the red numbers. How does it lose them in the first place? Scenery objects on some routes, if the paint texture matches that Red 255 Green 0 Blue 0 Hue 255 Saturation 255 Light 128 exactly, the numbers get lost in the background red color so Raildriver can't "see" them anymore and starts frantically cycling thru the F5 to find them again.

    Cure for it is to take whatever object on the route has that texture color and darken or lighten the red texture so it doesn't hid the HUD numbers. Anti Aliasing and anisotropic filtering can also have an effect on this, but if it only happens on certain routes look for a bright red object in the background, that's the most likely cause.
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