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Thread: MSTS Route SOB on Open Rail

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    Default MSTS Route SOB on Open Rail


    A great route but very demanding for MSTS. I try this route on Open Rail whitout any change in activiies or whatever.
    It's a charm to run rolling stock on this route on Open Rail system, Comfort and flexibilite are my first impressions and graphic are very good.

    See also:

    Impossible to open MSTS and in background to have FRAPS in same time with TS on my computer but in Open Rail these two programs work very nice.
    I make a video to show you SOB on Open Rail.

    OK there are some troubles probably well known by the OR Team, like foolish doors on some wagons, transparancy doesn't work correctly on many engines and passenger wagons, flashing textures on the track near the switchs etc.
    For the moment I think, it's very encouraging for the future.

    To the Open Rail Team
    Keep Up your good work.

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    I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.

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    Ship Luzern with exit novel horn like a locomotive mobile


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    Thanks a lot for this great video Nicober !
    I'm looking forward to watch another one, it is captivating !

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