NC Piedmont Corridor

Release 1.0 - 11 August 2010

Description: Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina, USA. Route length (for the simulated portion of NCRR): 173 miles, plus the 27-mile Asheboro branch (Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division 'M-Line').

Railroad: North Carolina Railroad, leased to exclusive freight operator Norfolk Southern. (Norfolk Southern owns and operates the Asheboro branch). The North Carolina Railroad was constructed from 1851 to 1856, connecting Goldsboro, NC and Charlotte, NC. The hope was to open up the central, Piedmont portion of the state to trade routes in the eastern part of the state. Today, the state of North Carolina owns the entire 317-mile corridor from Charlotte to Morehead City. The railroad is leased exclusively to Norfolk Southern to operate freight trains over the line, with the portion from Charlotte to Greensboro making up the historic Southern Railway Washington-Atlanta mainline. Amtrak also runs several passenger trains over portions of the NCRR. This simulation includes the mainline portion of the route from Charlotte to Raleigh, the 'Piedmont Corridor', as of 1 October 2005. It is over this route which the NCDOT - in conjunction with Amtrak - operates the Carolinian and Piedmont passenger trains daily. Also included is a freight-only branch line for virtual railroaders who like switching opportunities!

Major Yards: Charlotte, Linwood (Spencer Yard), High Point, Greensboro (Pomona Yard), East Durham, Raleigh (Glenwood Yard)

Junctions: A.T.&O (O-Line), Yadkin Jct. (N-Line), Salisbury (S-Line), Lexington (WSSB RR), High Point (M-Line), Pomona (K-Line), Greensboro (CF-Line, H-Line), Glenn (J-Line), Fetner (CSX S-Line [Ex-Seaboard]), Boylan (NS-Line), Southern Junction (CSX S-Line [Ex-Seaboard])

Highest point: 1007 ft at High Point

Lowest point: 299 ft at Morrisville

Install: Download to your Desktop. Unzip contents into a temporary folder; then copy those contents into ROUTES folder of MSTS (the readme1st.txt file will have more detailed instructions). Run install.bat file. Install zip files of the "TRAINSET files to Install" folder to the TRAINSET folder. Copy contents of zip files from the included "Move to CONSISTS" folder to CONSISTS folder so that the included Activities will run.

Download: 316 MB zip file

Size of Installed Route: 830 MB

Prototypical Route

Freight and Passenger Route: Yes

Era: 2005

Location: Piedmont of North Carolina, USA

Length of Mainline: 173 miles

Number of Branches: 1 (M-Line, 27 miles)

Number of Sidings: 16 unsignalled sidings, 3 dispatcher-controlled passing sidings

Number of Yards: 6 major yards, 7 smaller yards

Mainline: Alternating double track and single track

Level of Trackside Detail: Generally good trackside detail, with signals, mileposts, crossing gates, buildings, siding and platform names.

Amount of Scenery Completed: Approx. 98%

Performance: AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.0 GHz Processor, 3.0 GB RAM, nVidia graphics, Windows Vista - Frame rates vary from 4 fps (in the most detailed tiles) to upper 40's fps. Also runs on a Pentium III laptop, with much reduced frame rates, of course, and near stand-still in the most detailed tiles.

Activities Provided: 3

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Provided in the download

Add-In Track Sets: Scale Rail, Scale Road, and NewRoads 3.1.Std or better.

Tsection.dat file used: Release (Build 38) or better.

Freeware Route

Known Problems: (1) Some of the seasonal textures give unexpected, weird results. Example: With winter season/no precipitation selected, snow appears on certain trees but not on others; (2) The signs for restricted speed zones, such as those for work zones, are reversed. To be fixed in a future release; (3) Terrain spillover around MP H-31.5 (Mebane); (4) North- (eastbound) distant signals at Aycock street (MP 285.5) won't show "approach diverging" for "diverging clear" indications at Elm interlocking. That's because the Elm signals don't show "diverging clear" until your north-/eastbound train enters the Aycock block. Other anolmalies noted in the included route documentation.

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