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    Exclamation Route Ideas

    I am looking to download my 1st route. i want an American route something like Horeshoe curve, Cajon pass, Kicking horse pass or something like those.

    But problem is that im an absolute noob & amateur at extracting files and dont really understand stuff like unzipping files, readme text or stuff like that.

    If you people can gimme a few ideas as to what routes you've downloaded and like i would be most grateful if you can take me through the steps as to wat to do after i download that paticular route (like wat do i click on, where i need to put files ect)

    add me on hotmail if you wish to make things a lil easier :
    [email protected]

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    On Canadian Pacific's website, you can get a free demo version of MLT's Kicking Horse Pass, it is very easy to install. You just download the installer, run it, and that's all, it's ready to go. You can store the the installer in your My Documents once you've installed the route, you never know if you might need it again.
    You can download the route for free from here:
    If you want to run a steam locomotive on the Kicking Horse Pass, I have to reccomend the 2816 Empress model, Which can also be downloaded from CP's website or in the file library here as part of the CP Heritage Pack.
    Again, it's a self installer.

    By the way; you may want ask a moderator to move this thread to a different area.

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    Default It's easy

    Let me encourage you! It's a pretty easy process. Almost all routes have read-me files that will give exact directions. That's what you should follow. As mentioned above, some have installers (otherwise known as a set-up program) where you just click the button and it does everything.

    What's happening is just putting the route into the right place in the file structure. You are just filing data. So once you learn where it goes, it's simple.

    The short version (and remember, follow the read-me file) is that the route goes into it's own folder in the "Routes" folder (the full default path to the msts folder is Program Files/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/). If you have any equipment it goes into the Trainsets folder in the Trains Folder in the msts folder. Consists go into the Consists folder in the Trains Folder. Activities are a little more complicated, so I'll leave you to the read-me instructions for that.

    Some routes (a minority, I think) will instruct you (in the Read-Me file) to run a batch file that copies files from the default routes. If you are running Vista or Windows 7 there are special instructions in this circumstance - and the read-me won't be likely to tell you that if it was written before Vista came out (or before the route author started using it). Do a search on this forum for me info, if you find yourself in this circumstance (again, it's not hard - you just run the batch file as administrator)

    You will inevitably have some trial and error. If you bang into an error, you'll just be one step further to learning it completely! People on this forum can help, but most probably you can find the answer just by searching the forums (since others have trod this fun path before you).

    You are about to launch yourself into quite a world of fun discovery! Welcome to the community!

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    I just remebered another self-installing route, it's called Sea View. It's available in the file library here, and at HawkDawg ( or for seaview's page) Though if you're running vista or Win 7 you may want to read up on batch files because one needs to run after the installer finishes. (A batch file is an "Automated Command Prompt" that, in the case of most MSTS add-ons, copies files from the default routes) If the batch file doesn't run, you will get "shape missing" error messages when loading the route in the sim, you can manually run the batch file if it didn't run after the installer finished up.
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