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Thread: Train won't move?

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    Well, I have BIN (Work release) but this stupid problem is still happening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingconrail76 View Post
    What have you done to try to diagnose the problem so far?

    Have you tried that same consist on a different Route?
    Have your tried changing the engines, and using the same cars?
    Have you tried the same engine, with different cars?

    You indicate that you "recently started encountering" these issues; What did you change about your MSTS (or Computer updates) between when you didn't see it, and now that you do?
    Quote Originally Posted by NWRRSteamPower View Post
    Well, I have BIN (Work release) but this stupid problem is still happening!
    Answering requests for more information goes a long way in troubleshooting...

    If you didn't want help, why ask for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWRRSteamPower View Post
    I recently started encountering a problem with the BLLW K4 on the Strasburg RR route, while using coaches from the SRR coach packs 1 and 2. If I stop at certain places, I can't get the train to move again. I even pull the regulator to 100% and it won't do anything. and no, it's not on any grade of ANY kind, and yes, all brakes are off, including hand brakes. It just won't move at all! I notice then if I uncouple from the cars the engine can move, but not as fast as it could. Then when I couple up again, it won't move. What is this??
    I had the same problem a while back. Try dumping the pressure in the brakes and then release. Sometimes the train brakes don't reset when you couple to the front. If that doesn't work check your boiler pressure and your steam generation to steam usage rate difference. If you have automatic fireman on and wait at Strasburg until it's time to depart the fireman seems to "take a break" and doesn't make as much steam and the train doesn't have the power to start.

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