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Thread: Rw Decal and template help

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    Default Rw Decal and template help

    I have started building a route of the Clearfield area (focusing on the NYC) and I cannot get RW decal markers to show up in the route builder . I also keep getting the missing texture sign. How would I go about inserting the default Railworks ones? Finally I've downloaded the high res aerial photos of the important areas of the route from 1969. Is there a way to convert a jpg to an .ace and have it be at the correct size? Or should I overlay the photos in google earth then use rwdecal to import them.

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    Sounds like your marker blueprint is set up wrongly.

    As for your photos I think you are on the right track - place these as GE overlays, then use RW Decal to import them in game. Manual terrain decals are time consuming and fiddly to place.

    But bear in mind that if you are creating more than a few decals then due to memory constraints you will likely have to import them at a reduced resolution. If you need high res, just run RW Decals again with a smaller area.

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