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Thread: Fort Kent - No Tracks?

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    Question Fort Kent - No Tracks?

    I have downloaded and installed a good number of add-ons without issue. BUT I purchased the Fort Kent via Steam and there are no rails or tracks? Is there something I am missing?

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    I checked on the Allaboardrails web site and found this note:

    Besides the Fort Kent to Eagle Lake route you will need the following add-on packages:

    1) Rural Landscapes from 3DTrains
    2) ScaleRoads from 3DTrains

    If you have these add-ons already, you don't need to acquire them again. These are available in free and payware downloads.

    Also, there was a comment on the page that Fort Kent is for RailWorks only. I am hoping that you just posted this in the wrong forum and you are not trying to run Fort Kent in RailSimulator.

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    Umm, yeah I am an idiot... wrong forum. Thanks. I have downloaded the additional files.

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