More mad scientist experiments with interactive AI trains;

Took a few tries to set that up, the first test they all went psycho on me. Biggest problems are (1) apparently none of the dwarf signals are permissive since the pickup AI is reluctant to enter the track occupied by the cars he's supposed to couple to. Got around that by using signal bridges with permissive gantry signals. (2) AI has a hard time figuring out a path thru a yard ladder, often sitting for several minutes throwing switches in a random order. Setting the default position for the switches in surveyor helps.

So the above is if the player does nothing but sit and watch, or drives off somewhere else on the route, that sequence will continue until the player quits the session. How about interaction for the marathon idea? Unlike the previous experiment with the player being required to move cars out of the way for the next dropoff and set them where the next pickup expects to find them, this is completely optional;

That's a 30 minute cycle, the player has the option to add more cars to the consist being removed so they're no longer on the route, or stealing all but one car between dropoff and pickup to add more cars during the session. If you were crazy enough and had nothing better to do you could spend half a day filling up the yard with new cars, then empty it out by adding cars to the pickup.