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Thread: Throttle problem with RW Dash 9 pack

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    Default Throttle problem with RW Dash 9 pack

    I picked up the Dash 9 pack from RW a couple weeks ago and everything operates great in scenarios but when I'm in free play, there are some that work fine and some that have throttle issues. Some (NS and one of the bnsf engines have this problem) I will have to put the RD throttle up to almost dynamic setup in order for the throttle to read 0%. If the throttle is in the idle position on RD, the engine will read 43% throttle. Anything I can try to correct this?

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    I just bought the Dash 9 pack and have the exact same problem. Unfortunately it does it on all my dash 9 locomotives. Also when my throttle reads 0% my dynamic brake is applied 8% and when my controller is at idle my engine is at 43% power.

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