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Thread: Setting default speed above 40 mph

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    Default Setting default speed above 40 mph

    I was wondering if there's a way to increase the maximum speed from 40 mph to 60 mph. I am working on a NS 218(Calumet,IL to Charlotte,NC) activity on the NCRR route. As intermodals can go up to 60 MPH on NS, it makes sense to have 60 as max speed and not 40.

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    Open the route in the Route Editor. At the top use the route drop down menu and open the properties box you will find the speed setting.

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    OK thanks, also is there a way to set priority levels to any train?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diesel9 View Post
    OK thanks, also is there a way to set priority levels to any train?
    What do you mean? If you mean giving a Intermodal the ROW over a mixed manifest.... No. MSTS sees a train as a train. Nothing else.
    Now if you mean in an activity... It's up to you to make it where all manifest freights are stopped in the sidings for you. Nothings automatic.
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    I had a dream the other day that someone discovered a way of getting MSTS to Class the trains by Priority and that the AI Dispatcher worked by Priority rather than first come first served. It was brilliant a simmers dream, which sadly it only was.

    I do believe Railworks has a Priority level for a train
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    There is no way to set priority for specific trains especially an AI train. However, you can do certain things making the path of a train so that it kind of simulates the same thing. For example, when running the player train if you want that to have priority over other trains you can set paths to always have the player train remain on the mainline and then have all of the AI's to take hole tracks for meets. I find this works really good when the player train is going upgrade and you don't want it to get slowed up by taking the hole track for meets. Of course, the path for all of your AI trains would have to take the hole tracks.

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    And to add to Bob's advice, if you want AI to have priority over your player train the use of Double Reverse Points (DRP) works very well.
    For instance, you want an AI train to overtake and pass you while you wait on a siding.
    Normally the AI dispatcher will hold the AI and give you the green, but not if you place a DRP in front of the signal you want to be held at.
    The signal (and your path) will not clear until you 'trip' the DRP thus allowing the AI traffic to pass you.
    Place the DRP at least a full engine length + 1/2 from the signal to allow the DRP to trip without running the red.
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