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Thread: Heartland Flyer.

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    Default Heartland Flyer.

    Does anyone know of a route representing the the section of track from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Texas?(I.E. The route Amtrak's "Heartland Flyer" runs daily on.) If so, please messege me. That includes if there is one being built or about to be put out as payware.
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    Not that I've heard of... I did start a Trinity Railway Express route once that included the Fort Worth end, but gave up on it years ago... don't even have the files anymore.

    The scenery is so sparse on that run you probably could just lay 150 miles of mostly straight track on some bare terrain, and it would look almost prototypical...

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    It's really a pretty cool ride. The best part is when you go through the canyons. If I COULD get Trainz 2010:EE to work, i would build it.

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