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Thread: 3D Canvas Pro, how to make a 3D Cab View???

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    Post 3D Canvas Pro, how to make a 3D Cab View???

    Hello everyone, I'm having a problem when trying to make controls to put in my train. Can't figure out how to make controls, gauges and pressure knobs that look like real ones.

    And for some reason I can't find a tutorial that explains this at UKTS?

    How do you make controls, like gauges, and pressure knobs that look like the real thing.

    Like, how do you make controls, like the reverser, throttle and brakes that look like they would have did in real life.

    And the gauges I do try to make always are blank and don't work, or show anything. How do you make it a working gauge with numbers on it, and what should be there.

    If you can answer my question I sure would be grateful and be able to release my freeware, American 2,6,2 Prairie sooner.

    Or at least point me to a tutorial that does explain this??

    Sincerely jpetersjr

    Here's a picture of what I'm working on.

    And how do you make see through windows, windows that you'd be able to see out of while driving the train.

    And how do you fix this, the way the textures make it where you can see right through the train, it won't look like that in RW right?
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