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    Default Picture post test

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    Okay, got this now, it's not a restriction, it's a user setting. The old User CP link seems to be MIA at the moment, but if you click on Forum Actions, General Settings;

    That takes you to your user settings. Scroll down about halfway;

    Tick the top box for the Enhanced Interface editor. When that is turned on you get this;

    When you click the Insert Image button.

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    Default Why I hate screenshots

    Further experiments with attachments, I talked to Nels recently and he said he doesn't see any more pending changes to the way the forum handles screenshots, so now it's time to figure out how it all works and update the screenshot tutorial.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Cool Fire in the hole!

    Next test, deleting attachments with the Manage Attachments thingamy, lessee if I can figure out how to do that. If it works then this one;

    Attachment 36071

    Should disappear from the previous post and the attachments for this account.
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    Thumbs up And that works!

    Okay, somewhat convoluted - you can add attachments with the Manage Attachments interface, or drag previous attachments into the new post, but to delete attachments you need to go into the User CP. That has also changed, click on Forum Actions, General Settings, to get into your user settings. Then scroll down to miscellaneous, manage attachments, and you can select and delete them from there.

    Alignment and size appear to work with the direct upload thingamy, dunno what the rest is supposed to do yet.

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