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Thread: Frisco #1522

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    Default 1522's whistle

    If any of you saw the cover of Rail fan magazine called whistling though Dixie with Red Chevy Cavalier at the crossing with me, my wife and my daughter taking a whole bunch of recordings of 1522 over three days, I have more than enough recordings of 1522, including the loss of one side and the off time sound from the broken spring. The sound of 1522 and the NS engine leaving one town in Georgia is unbelievable!!! Also stuck right beside her when she went in the siding for the tie laying crew during one heck of a thunder storm. From Chatenuga to Birmingham was an engineer who knew how to handle a steam whistle..Wow!!!! Get in touch.

    Rick Carter

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    We now have a new model of here made late 2014 thanks to Brandon Smith (Sound Designer) and Derek Miller (Model Designer)

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