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Thread: 3DTrains F-Units repaints in Open Rails

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    Default 3DTrains F-Units repaints in Open Rails

    Back before the cancellation of MSTS2 was announced, I was planning to build a new computer system designed specifically to run THE train sim. Terribly disappointed in the wake of the news that MSTS2 would not be, I have gone a year without MSTS on my system. I finally got around to installing it but it seemed lacking - until I discovered Open Rails. Now I am running this sim exclusively.

    Many thanks to everyone involved, for all of your hard work and for sharing generously.

    I recently captured some screenshots of some of my 3DTrains F-Unit repaints inside the Open Rails environment - evidence below:

    Blue Angels (U.S. Marine Corps):

    Canadian Search And Rescue:

    Flying Tigers (U.S. Army Air Corps):

    U.S. Coast Guard:



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    I wonder what the "Flying Tigers" scheme would look like on a Baldwin Shark...


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    Those all look excellent! Nice screens as well.

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    That coast guard paint scheme was actually done in real life - on a CV GP9. A msts version of that was done too, but it's not publicly available.

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