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Thread: SP GP40-2 Speedletter

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat View Post
    ...the MK rebuilds of the 1990s which do not have the SP Light Packages.
    Quite right. On the cab roof they did have an A/C unit and amber beacon (at least initially) centered on the headlight in addition to the usual antennas. The horn was moved to the rear, in front of the radiator fans.

    I saved an old NMRA Bulletin "Wet Paint Prototypes" article from that time which shows what must be some of the very first speedletter repaints. The ditchlights were actually painted red, rather than the usual gray, and the side Southern Pacific lettering was noticably smaller and higher (personally, I'm glad they made the change to the larger lettering; the smaller lettering looked awkward). I'm not sure how many units they painted this way; they might have been still tweaking the scheme at that point.

    EDIT: I dug up the photo...turns out the ditchlights actually were gray! I must've been thinking about a GP60 or something else where they were painted red!
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