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    Just curious- do they still make and sell the Rail Driver? It's been out of stock for awhile. Also curious if it works with any MSTS downloaded engines- I have a few MLT and SLI packs I downloaded- along with some others. I understand there's a way to make it all work.

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    The RailDriver is definitely still around and back in stock as of a few hours ago! There was a much higher demand for them than we were expecting before Christmas and we've just been waiting for our new shipment to arrive. They arrived here this morning and we've been working trying to get the back-orders shipped out either today or tomorrow, but there are still plenty available.
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    Awesome- thanks!

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    Also I own some SLI and MLT engine packs. How do I make them compatible with the RD? Or is that not possible?

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    Best way is to buy Raildriver and install the drivers first, learn how to use it, then worry about custom engines. I'm not familiar with SLI or MLT stuff, but in general there are a few rare locos with non standard physics that need some adjustments to the ENG file to work with Raildriver. The overwhelming majority of custom locomotives will run right out of the box with Raildriver.

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    I run both SLI and MLT, also Diesels West and 3DTrains, all with no problems with RD
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