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Thread: MSTS freezes when i click on my custom activity at the menu screen...

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    Default MSTS freezes when i click on my custom activity at the menu screen...

    I've just started to make activities for MSTS and until now, i've made two activities. BUT, when i enter the "drive a train" menu, clicking on the Tokyo-Hakone route and clicking on my custom activity MSTS freezes suddenly. It happens right away when i click on the activity. And then it returns to desktop in two-three seconds with no error messages. I don't know if any of you guys have encountered this problem before. I've checked that everything was in order:
    - Player service selected
    - Text and brief entered
    - paths, traffic and so on.

    I've also tested the activity in AE to see how the activity was and there it looks fine. So do any of you know how to solve this problem?

    Regards :-)

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    Get Route_Riter to check out the activity.
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    Thanks for the tip. I tried to check the selected activity but i didn't find any errors. strange.

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    Open your activity using AE, then click on Tools followed by Verify Starting State. It might be something simple like two consists sharing the same space ?

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    I have had this happen - check the First locomotive .eng file for errors. The quickest way might be to substitute it for something else and see if the activity loads up. If you don't know your way around the .eng file, now would be the perfect time to learn - look especially at the 4 places where the locomotive is named - The filename, the first line beginning "Wagon", the line beginning "Engine", and the line below the engine section that also begins "Wagon" MUST all have the same name (capitals included). When looking at the filename ignore the .eng extension, but the rest must be the same as the others.

    Hope this helps,

    Good Luck,

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    The most common error in making an activity has to do with placing a loose consist. A loose consist is just a train or cars that you want to have sitting on a track to make the route look like it is used. It can also be a train or group of cars you want to pick up using the player train. Here is the problem--the consist does not get placed in the proper location!!! Either you put a loose consist that is on a track that is used by the Player Train where the computer thinks there will be a collision/wreck. Or you have placed the consist where not all of the cars are on the track and the activity starts out with a wrecked state. Move out all of your consist to make sure there are no cars hanging over the end of the track--MSTS will only show the cars on the track not cars beyond the end of the track. If you have a loose consist with 49 cars and one car is not on the track--it is a wreck and you get the crash. If you put a train with 50 cars on a track and the caboose hangs out over the Mainline track where the player train will pass--it will be a wreck so the computer crashes.

    Bob Edwards

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    Hi! :-)

    Thanks for everything, but i finally found out what the problem was! After i checked the activity with route riter the whole game crashed. When i tried to start the game it just freezed halfway at the loading screen. Then i reinstalled the game so that it was only the default routes, activities and rolling stock just to make sure that it wasn't some of the addons that made the activity freeze. And guess what i found out :P It made me laugh though, but it was the user train which was the problem. I was going to use the Series 30000 of the Odakyu line which was a non-driveable default trainset but made driveable through an addon. I'd been so depressed because the activity didn't work. I tried to switch the ai traffic, switch the path, get rid of the loose consists but when that didn't help much i reinstalled the game as I said. And then i only had the default rolling stock and i tried to make a new activity where i used the series 2000 trainset and then it worked ! Finally! hehe :P But thanks again for posting guys!

    - Ubisoft
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