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    I have recently downloaded the Amtrak Viewliner cars, but I got rid of it and I'll tell you why. In the description, it states that the doors open and the steps come down. It even gave the key command for it. But when I tried that and the pan key, neither worked. And the doors remained open all together. And does anyone know a type of subway or commuter rail, where the doors open, on command? Well that's free. And does it work. My laptop doesn't have a number PAD. It has the row.


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    I know what you mean of why it don't work because I never got it to work on some desktop computers on the key pad side (even when the num key is on or off). I do have my laptop that lets it work on command and my laptop has the Function (FN) key which is color coded different for key pads like on a letter where you have to hold the function and press the key letter (whatever it is) that has the color different (like mine is blue), and it works.

    BTW does this topic belong here?
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    It doesn't belong here but let me get this right. You deleted a set of great cars just because the steps and doors don't work?

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    We have to "assume" you have the MSTS Bin installed then to make the operation of the doors to work. If so then okay, but for the animations when the doors are selected to open, the units must be in full stop position and brakes applied before the doors will open. On closing the doors when open, the animation cycle may take awhile sometimes, this can take upto one minute depending on how many other items are using an longer animation sequence. A Division Of Toronto Mainline Trains

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