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Thread: Animated brake cylinders + brake squeal

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    Default Animated brake cylinders + brake squeal

    Russian M62 locomotive with animated brake cylinders and brake squeal when stopping.

    Best viewed in 1080p and full screen. If the link to youtube is slow, pause playback, wait until fully loaded and then play.

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    Cymru Gorllewin



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    I've been driving nothing else in TS2010 for the last three days...

    The M62's are sweet beyond belief. Apart from the visual and aural delights, I was just left gasping at the physics and cab sway (you can also get this riding in some of the Russian coaching stock). Realistic acceleration and full throttle required to keep up speed with a heavy load or a stiff gradient. None of this rocket car acceleration and still pulling away at 20% throttle nonsense that you get on most RW motive power and the dog of it is, the majority of RW users don't seem to care. These freeware Russian reources for Trainz knock just about every payware item produced to date for RW into the minor leagues.

    I see your invitation in the RW section seems to have gone down like a lead balloon though, Phil... I posted some similar praise at UKTS which has been mostly ignored, unfortunately.

    Their loss not ours.

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