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So my conclusion is that, using the same file and working on no overlapping tile, it could work ?
I am not sure that I understand what you mean.

If you are the only one to work on routes, before and after merging them then there is no issue.

Contents of overlapping Scenery tiles are also not merged from route-B into route-A tiles and objects in route-B Scenery tiles would have to be transfered into the matching Scenery tiles of route-A, possibly clashing with existing ones !

I would not trust anybody to work on a route with me unless they use the same attention to details like I must have in all I do and having to check their work might as well do it myself !

ORTS ? Forget it. To start with it is based on using MSTS tracks, rolling stock, objects, activities, etc and so far am not impressed with it's current state.

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