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Thread: Early Guilford in ORTS

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    Default Early Guilford in ORTS

    Downloaded V 0.645, and I am pretty well happy. It runs a lot smoother than the previous version I had installed. And I truly love the new menu set up. Very easy to work with. After figuring out what to wait for (BC brake value to hit 0) I was able to get running, and get some pics.

    This is from an Activity I am piecing together for the Bridgeline. Final version will have a GP39-2 running in the consist as well, Also, will require doing some car shuffling in the B&M Mechanicville Yard before proceeding to Rotterdam Jct.

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    With Dynamic Shadow enabled they will be rendered based on the ambient light in the scene, even in rainy or snowy activities. For heavy overcast activities, I generally turn them off as you cannot really notice them, anyway. Reduces the impact on the video card as you've experienced.

    Secondly, the amount/size of smoke is controlled by the ENG definition, so that's why you're seeing different effects on the ENGs.
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