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Thread: Making a lamp post light fully operational

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    Great looking MOW trucks as well! I was under the impression from Rob that his work had gone to MLT and awaiting Andy to 'put it in a box and onto the store shelf' so to speak. But I see there's a LOT more going on it, which is great. Because honestly, if it was going to consist of the same old 'generic MLT bridges and box structures' - I wasn't going to invest in it. But heck, the bridges, lights and vehicles I've seen so far here - sign me up!

    Wondered why it was taking so long, but good to know it's going to be worth the wait.

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    I wanted to add lights to the route, especially to the yards, but unfortunately the MSTS lights are not as good as the "light cones" on the locos. They only make a lighter pattern on the ground texture. When an object passes through the lights they do not light up, they remain as a black object. There are a couple of lights in the default routes that you can look at to get the effect. I decided that it wasn't worth doing at this stage.

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