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Thread: Silverliner III Cab View

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    Looking awsome, that is some gifted talent.
    Best looking Silverliner ever.

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    A few more things of note: The Reading cars - both the Silverliner II's and -IV's - did not have cab signalling as delivered and was completely incompatible with each other in operation. The PRR/PC MU's was worse off; the Silverliner IV's came with the Harmon Electronics ADU as delivered but the Speed Control Functions of the system was cut out. Also during the Mid 1970's to the late '80's radios wasn't all that common on the MUs themselves, and more so on the older equipment; it was a combination of Non-Speed Control Equipped Blueliners and non conforming radios on the S-II's that resulted in the massive Angora Wreck of 1986. It wasn't until the Rebuilds in 1988 and 1989 by Morrison-Knudson which made ALL the MU's from Both Railroads (the Silverliner IV's needed control ajustments to fully work as well) and the current mixed fleet was born; not long after the S-II's and -III's returned SEPTA then started renumbering the S-IV's to streamline identification.

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    Nice! When paired with your Silverliner III EMU model this should increase the size of my SEPTA fleet nicely.
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