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    Smile Santa Fe

    hey auran's trainz do yall have an address and so i can send you a few pictures of the route i'm doing and i just finish my next town call brenham texas and i'm making my way toward houston texas and after i finish that part of the route i will make my other way to dallas texas where i will finish the route. if yall like the route could yall send somebody help me with the moutains and help me create some scenarios for this route.

    happy late easter everyone,


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    If you go here, they have a Reading Room. Downloadable PDFs on everything you need to get started in Trainz. A bit dated but the information is the same. Covers everything from track laying, mountains, tunnels and bridges.

    Make sure to dig through all their issues. Got me up and running in no time.

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    hey my friends,

    how do i transfer my routes from trainz 2010 to 2012.


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