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Thread: Blender IA/IGS Exporter 2.1.71 (final version) released

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    Default Blender IA/IGS Exporter 2.1.71 (final version) released

    Hiya Blender modellers,

    today I've released the final version of the Blender IA/IGS Exporter Bigex.
    (Which actual should be named Biagex due its completed functionality )

    Anyway, the final release version 2.1.71 contains the following bugfixes:

    - problem resolved which did prevent startup under Blender 2.48
    - fixed issue with absolute positions of merged mesh object faces
    - several minor bugs fixed

    The german & english manuals are updated.
    The example folder has an additionally added Source folder tree now, ready to copy over to RW Source folder & export.

    The release package can be downloaded from:

    - UKTS Download area: UKTS File ID 25903
    - Forum, Download area:

    Support as always:
    - here in this UKTS forum thread Blender IA/IGS Exporter 2.1.71 (final version) released (english)
    - or over in the forum thread: Blender IA/IGS Exporter 2.1.71 (Finale Version) veröffentlicht (german)

    Have fun at modelling with Blender & keep on squeezing best out of the RW shader I will do now when continuing building my favorite diesel loco BR218. Thats what I've written Bigex for
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    yah, but theres a way to download it whitout register, i mean... i will not register on a website only for one thing.

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