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Thread: MSTS GG-1 electrics won't run

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    Default MSTS GG-1 electrics won't run

    Hi all,
    I downloaded about 4 sets of GG-1 originally done by Dick Cowen. They look great and will operate by themselves, but can't get them to pull any cars. As an experience simmer, i've tried everything i know, can anyone give me some help?

    Have much rolling stock and never have this problem before. Have spent countless hours ckecking eng files for any and all clues and comparions with other working engines .. i.e. my Marc hhp runs ok with the same string that these engines are "dead" with.


    Running with 2gb mem, Vista machine, ms bin 1.7.

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    You've checked the bounding boxes?
    It's not a bin 1.8 issue?

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    Do some searches, I think some versions of bin will not let electrics run and perhaps 1.7 is one of them...


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    Lightbulb Electrics and Bin Versions

    There were many Bin 1.7.x.xxxx versions, some of which had the electric problem, some that were ok.
    Here's a Bin Version list starting with the last 1.6.xxxx to the present;

    1.6.1230   Minor fix, lights, emergency brake, memory handling    
    1.7.0103   Lights fix, visibility in RE fix    
    1.7.0211   Car jumping fix, blowback fix and some lack correction    
    1.7.0221   Lost consist lights fix    
    1.7.0224   MSTS freeze after using some keyboard keys on saved activity fixed    
    1.7.0505   Two Pantographs operable    
    1.7.051922 Stable version   
    1.7.071320 "madness wheels" on AI steam locos corrected. 
    1.7.072421 No. of active lights was increased up to 400 for tile - "no more dead signals" 
    1.7.081214 No. of active lights was increased up to 512 for tile - "no more dead signals"
               ;night textures on animated objects issue. 
               ;aspect monitor operable for not runing locos. 
    1.7.081920 Power loss on EL correction, RE event view crash correction, minor corrections 
    1.7.092915 New extended diagnostic screen for wag brakes, 
               Power cut on helper EL for lowered pantho, Cam 4 improv.
    1.7.102222 Speed limit indication repaired 
    1.8.010516 Speed limit on RP indication repaired, steam loco cyl_cocks with bell crash fixed. 
    1.8.052113 Multiple EMUs bug fix, pantograph multistage controls fix.
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    Gentlemen, if you read the OP, it clearly states that the GG-1s will run solo, but will not run with stock attached.

    Can one perhaps ask what stock is being hung on the hook?
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    I would suggest using bin 1.8.05xxxx - it fixed this problem for me.


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