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Thread: Please use our new “Supporters” logos!

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    Default Please use our new “Supporters” logos!

    The enthusiasm for OpenRails has been overwhelming, and for this the members of the OpenRails team are extremely grateful. I’m sure its easy to understand that when people put in the sheer quantity of work that our team members do, for no compensation other than the satisfaction of creating a great product, getting the kind of support we do from the community is really very significant. Thank you so very much for this!

    To express their support, many forum members have begun to insert images and slogans of enthusiasm for OpenRails into their signatures. This is fabulous! It means that others who may be coming to the forums for the first time, either seeking help for a new OpenRails experience, or even discovering it for the first time, will immediately see that there’s a great deal of support for OpenRails. They won’t have to dig to “get it”.

    And, of course, honestly. OpenRails might be a volunteer project, but like all product put out there for the public to use, our “zero-budget marketing” is what moves the product into the public eye. You guys who put your expressions of OR support into your sigs really do help get the word out there!

    So to help you and move the process along in an orderly way, we’ve created a batch of logos and components which you can use to express your support. There’s a range of things, from just the pure logo image, to the logo image with “Proud Supporter Open Rails” attached. Both JPGs and PNGs with transparent backgrounds are included. The idea is to either use these sig images as they are, or use the plain logo and assemble your own Supporter signature. Certainly feel free to personalize your own expression of OR support.

    But we *do* ask that you use these logos, which are either red or black, rather than the green versions currently seen in the forums. The green logos very importantly identify “Team Members”. It’s important that team members are clearly identified in the forum because, when they help with problems or post about the team’s work, they are actually speaking *for the OR Team*, and the forum public deserves to know this, and hold us as team members accountable for what they say. Confusion happens when its unclear who is and who is not a OR team member, and its important to avoid this.

    Please find the new logos at the bottom of the OR Downloads page:

    They’re all packed up in a zip file, so download them, pick the ones you’d like to use, and feel free to customize them in a way that works for you. Flying your OR flag helps put the word out that OR is the “premium” train sim of the future.



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    Thanks Jeff. I'll be more than glad to do this.
    Larry Steiner
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

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    Proud to do it!


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    Done !

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