I have taken an abandoned Camelback from the Library, and finally rebuilt it into a running 4-6-0, with a lot of help from friendly folk who have fixed the engine file and the overloaded s file.
Now I am stuck, once again, this time with the cabview file.
I have finally been able to get the headlight to work, the bell, and the whistle.
I have the train brake legends working as I desire, and they actuate the brakes But the lever refuses to move. I have no idea what to do about that, and find a whole bunch of numbers that are associated with the brakd lever that make no sense to me.
In addition, I can not get the engine brake to work at all. Everytime I stick in the appropriate lines in the eng file, I get problems.
Would anyone be willing to help me sort this out. I can send all that I have in the way of files. I have read what little in the way of tutorials I could find, but it has not helped.
Paul paul at paradesquare.ca