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Thread: Texture Mapping for a Caveman

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    After a long struggle in attempts at 3d modeling I found that I could make models in Pro-Engineer and export them in Wavefront's ".obj" format. I used to make a living designing mechanical devices with Pro-Engineer. These could be imported into Blender for texturing. This gave me another struggle to learn "photoshop" programs to make texture maps.

    When I had my On30 empire I had purchased Evan Designs' "Model Builder" software. "Model Builder" is for making paper and cardboard buildings. They had a free sample PDF for a small store:

    I made texture map from the PDF and textured my Pro-Engineer model in Blender:

    The first attempt is to the right. I forgot to map the top of the false front.
    "Model Builder" is payware, but it proved to be worth it for me.

    So easy this Caveman can do it!
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