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Thread: Train sim desktop shortcuts stopped working.

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    Default Train sim desktop shortcuts stopped working.

    For some reason my desktop shortcuts to start up train sim and the editor stopped workin and it comes up with the message,"Failed to locate a required file in your installation. you may need to re-install train sim." Is there anyway to re copy shortcuts without having to re-install train sim as i dont want to lose any add ons.


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    This might be different if your using windows 7, but in xp i would delete your existing shortcuts and then click on all
    programs, microsoft games, then right click scroll to send to, desktop (create shortcut) and see what happens.
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    Have you made any modifications or additions to your MSTS recently?
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    Find the MSTS Train.exe, right-click on it and in it's Properties do this:

    Then do it again and after renaming the Shortcut to MSTS Editors, modify it Target: line like shown below.

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