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    hello all,
    today 6-28-11 some one relesed a loco (MSTS CSX ES44AC 7542) that had BNSF colors and CSX paches. this loco requirs the SLI Scenic Sub Route as well. to me it seems the author also relesed some SLI Sounds with it. im wondering if they really are or not. if they are i feel it needs to be addresed as SLI dosent want people to relese there sounds.

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    Its important to report to Nels directly instead of the forums. There is no need to report it on the forums. There is a "Contact Us" link below...

    Read this.. If you are a newbie, its important to read the forum rules...
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    Update; the item in question has been removed from the file library. There is no need to discuss this so this topic is closed.
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