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Thread: My next project - BNSF ES44DC in HR livery

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    Quote Originally Posted by vermont402 View Post
    Interesting spinoff paint scheme idea. Just one thing from me: The yellow looks a bit too flourescent.
    It could be due to the lighting, or it could be the shade is off. #FFB917 (255, 185, 23 RGB) is the value I am using which I got from the 3DT site. Then again - could also be due to the silver layer underneath.

    In any case, I got to thinking last night at work "why am I painting this on a 1024 base?" It occurred to me that if I used a 2048 base, then shrunk it down to 1024, then it would pretty much eliminate most "jaggies", and help keep things smooth. I thought about that after reading a posting about an Amtrak anniversary scheme, IIRC.

    @Josh - I found the word I was looking for in my previous reply to you. I want this engine to look "accurate", so that you can't tell that you are looking at a fictional repaint or not.

    Anyway, when I get the re-work completed I'll submit another screenshot of my progress. My biggest task on this engine is going to be that front stripe.

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    I get what your saying.. It still looks great...
    Don't tell me the sky's the limit, when there's footsteps on the moon..


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    Default Progress update

    Here's a couple of shots of my progress with this using 2048 size. Completely stripped off the old paint and re-applied a new shade of silver (for comparison I left the old shade on the front). The yellow should now look closer to the actual shade now that I removed the silver underneath.

    Still to do are the rear numbers, and of course color and logo-ize the front.

    This scheme is going to be named HR1A in the set. HR2A will be Warbonnet Blue and Yellow. HR1B will have Santa Fe lettering and logos, as will HR2B.

    Not sure exactly how many I will do, but at least four to start with. Tinkering with the idea of doing BN colors, but haven't decided on that yet.


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    Default Another progress shot from today

    Turned my attention to the front of the engine, and changed the shade of silver to match the rear, and added the cigar band with background coloring. Still a way to go on this one, but it is shaping up nicely I think.


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    Default Some more tweaking

    Did some work on the striping, and added a grating texture to the walkways. Lengthened the cigar band stripe on the side a bit.

    These will probably be numbered in the 644x-647x range since those road numbers don't exist on the current roster.

    As always, comments are appreciated!


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    Been awhile since the last update, but work continues on this project.

    In this update I added lettering to the cigar band, road numbers, and darkened the colors on the rear logo. Also changed a grate design on the right side.

    Still to do is the front striping, coloring the handrails, and some signage that says "Danger High Voltage", along with the requisite GE logos on the right side.


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    Continuing to plug away here, think I am almost done with the first one.

    That front stripe is a tricky mother. After hours of wrangling with it and getting nowhere, I decided to take some "artistic license" and just use a wrap-around stripe instead. Also added some high voltage signs to various spots.

    Off to see what other stickers I can find to put on this engine before I start on the rest.

    As there have been no comments on my work so far, I feel like I am talking to myself in this thread LOL!


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    Here's a close up of the high voltage signage. Couldn't get this one to attach in my previous post


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    Shouldn't those labels be near the battery cabinets and not all the way down the frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by apco25 View Post
    Shouldn't those labels be near the battery cabinets and not all the way down the frame?
    Not sure to be completely honest, have to do some more research on that. I do know they were that way on the one CR Dash-8 I saw a few months back.

    Here's a shot of 6442 alongside 6440, in HR2A paint.


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