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    Question Uploading An Activity

    Uploading An Activity

    I have modified an activity for the NEC V4.0 route. I know how to upload files to here, but what nececary files are needed from the MSTS Routes Folder. is it just the *.act file?
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    Default Me Too

    I too would like to know what files are required for an activity to work properly.

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    At a minimum you need to provide the activity and services files, and if you have AI traffic, the traffic file. If the activity uses a path or consist not included in the route, then paths and consists too. I may be forgetting something. The MSTS activity editor has a "package activity" option that will export the needed files into a single file. I think there are some activity tutorials in the file library that cover this along with alternatives.
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    Ged Saunders ( slipperman ) has an excellent utility for checking activities and for packaging everything the activity needs to run in a zip file. You should check you activity, correcting all errors and mistakes, then finally upload the zip file from MSTS ActManager.

    This is the utility zip file in the library ( works for both OR & MSTS ) >>>

    You should provide a list of equipment ( locos and wags ) and where they can be found...names of "zip" is good.
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