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Thread: making a route loading image

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    Default making a route loading image

    Don't know if anyone has detailed how to make a .dds image for creating a new loading image for a route. Here's how I just did it.

    1) get the DDS utilities package from

    2) create your image, jpg works ok. Must be 1024x512 or 1024x768. Seems like the latter gets truncated.

    3) execute the nvdxt.exe utility, command line like: nvdxt -file <inputfilename> -output <outputfilename> -nmips 8 -dxt1c

    4) use RWTools, go to Packaging, Package Route, Install New Route Image, and follow the instructions there.

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    I understand from the RWTools manual, that anyone with photoshop can make a dds with that too.

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