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    Maybe I should just give up on this? Okay, not really, but I'm having a hard time making and then testing the activities which is the fun part. I started testing the first section on the Emporia Sub but have had an issue with AI outside of Topeka. That was as far as I got before life got busy again. So, what I'm looking for is someone who can test out these activities. As stupid as that may seem, it will probably be the only way I can get these activities released by the end of the century. If you would like to help out, please PM me with an e-mail and I'll send it to you. Now I'm going to kill half of my chances here when I say I am using many different downloads for trains. Hopefully you have Route Riter on hand an can replace it with your own cars and engines. If there is enough demand, I can include a default pack as well.

    ----- Route ------ Status -----
    Emporia Sub - In Testing
    Newton Sub - Development
    La Junta Sub - Waiting
    Raton Pass -Waiting
    Glorieta Pass - Waiting
    Gallup Sub - Sub
    Seligman Sub - Waiting
    Needles Sub - Waiting
    Cajon Pass - Waiting

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    Bob Wirth sent out a patch for the Gallup Sub just a few weeks ago. It has a big impact on passenger speeds both ways since the original route had incorrect speed allowances going east and west out of Gallup which ran passengers at 45 mph instead of 90 mph. Be sure you use the patch or else your run will be way slower than it should be.

    Bob Edwards.

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    I remember that. I'm not to worried, will not get there for a while at this rate, haven't had any takers not surprisingly.

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    Just picked up the Streamliner's new Southwest Chief. Plan to release a version that includes it. Other news is that I got a job and I will have some free time, but if you want to test, please PM me. I will run the Emporia Sub tonight and post some pics. In some exciting news, there will be a eastbound version that will run to, yes Chicago. How is that possible? I guess you will have find out next year. That is it for now.

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    Emporia Sub is ready to go. Tested it and works fine. Just finishing the details and I will run the La Junta Sub here soon. Pics from the Emporia run will be up shortly.

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    Rolling out of Kansas City.

    One of many farms.

    Stopping in Lawrence.

    And away we go.

    Coming into Topeka.

    Downtown Topeka

    Going through one of yes, many towns.

    Passing intermodel at Emporia.

    And a little while later we arrive into Newton.

    That is it for now. If you want to view all the pictures, you can view them here:

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    Finished running the La Junta Sub. Going to tell you right now this is by far the longest section. I ran it at 6 hours and 40 minutes. That was including stops for traffic. Pics will be up shortly. If you dare want to test it, please tell me and I will get it to you. (E-Mail required.)

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    Pulling out of Newton.

    Meeting the eastbound Chief just outside of Newton.

    About 40 minutes later we stop at Hutchinson.

    Finally, light!

    We finally get into Dodge City, running a little behind.

    Sun breaking through the trees.

    More elevators in Garden City.

    Pulling out of Lamar.

    Crossing over a river just outside of La Junta.

    Finally, we get to La Junta, only 40 minutes late.

    You can as always view all pictures here:

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    I'm on a role, Raton Pass segment is done and tested. Pics will be up tomorrow, I want to go to bed. :P

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